QMDA Winners

QMDA Winners

The QMDA Committee is pleased to announce the winners of the inaugural QLD Music Design Awards.

Best Website 

Awarded to Daniel Coyne-Watego for the Apeman website

Best Poster Art 

Awarded to Ari Freedman of Solitaire Creative for the Manifest Festival poster

Runner Up Photograph

Awarded to Bruce Heath – for the Reality – Switchblade Suzie photograph

Best Photograph 

Awarded to Andrew Wade for the Gentle Ben and his Sensitive Side photograph

Best piece of Merchandise 

Awarded to Judi Dransfield Kuepper for the Ed Kuepper teatowel

Best CD or Vinyl Cover 

Awarded to Stephen Blundell & Kerry Thoonen for 3 Days in the Belly of a Whale – Pharoahs Playground album cover

Runner Up Video Clip

Awarded to 18 Deg Entertainment (Mel Poole, Nik Lachajczak, Dan Macarthur) – for the ContrADDICTION – Choon Goonz videoclip

Best Video Clip 

Awarded to Virgil Carpentier – Astro Keneda for the Take Me Home – Sian Evans videoclip

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